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22. Februar 2020 - Musikkneipe Alster - Krautgasse 22, 07743 Jena





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…of Born To Hula

Born To Hula established in 2006 by Joachim, Sebastian & Peter. Everyone formerly played in other bands since the 90's. Quickly they recorded the "Sunset Radio" EP to spread some tunes in the neighborhood. Shortly thereafter, people celebrated on many liveshows. To get some more response for their effort they released their next EP "Midnight Radio". 2008 they entered the Atomino Studio to hone down some tracks and press this ones on the "Sunset Radio" 10" vinyl. The band constantly toured through Germany, Poland and the Neatherlands. In 2012 they released their 1st longplayer "Tales of Love" on 12" vinyl followed by the 2nd one "Dirty Tapes" in 2014. Joachim and Sebastian left the band because of personal reasons. Henning an Felix joined in as new members and old friends. Peter switched from guitar to microphone. After a casting marathon in late 2018 Robert joined the band on the bass. Tobias and Peter tuned up the studio to be able to record the band in one room. Now Born To Hula is independend enough to create their own output d.i.y. and in joyful anticipation for more rocking years to come.